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Albemarle offers easy convenient propane payment plans

With a “Customers First” policy, Albemarle makes every effort to keep propane prices low. We also offer a number of convenient options and propane gas budget plans to make bill paying easy and convenient for you.

  • Smart Buy budget plan

Our Smart Buy plan takes the worry and uncertainty out of monthly invoices with level monthly billing. We calculate a monthly amount for you based on your usage over the past 12 months. It’s easier to plan ahead and save when you know what your monthly expenses will be, and you avoid the unpleasant surprises that come from fluctuating usage.

  • Prebuy plan

Albemarle’s Prebuy plan protects you from price fluctuations over the course of the winter. Pre-purchase at least 100 gallons before October 1st and you will lock in those gallons at the preseason price. And, unused gallons at the end of the season can be credited toward the following season, and our customer service reps can help you determine the best amount to purchase based on your past usage.

Albemarle customers also enjoy online bill payment, automatic bill-pay and pay-by-phone options, as well as a broad local network of authorized payment agent locations where you can pay your bill. And of course you can always put a check in the mail.

For more information on payment options, or to sign up for our propane gas automatic delivery plan, contact us today or call 252-338-1900.



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