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Albemarle: North Carolina’s source for reliable, efficient residential propane

Albemarle offers dependable residential propane delivery and a full range of products and services, backed up by an experienced and caring team of pros. And because we’re a local company, not some anonymous corporation, we’re your neighbors, too: when you call, you’ll always speak to a local person who can answer your questions promptly and courteously.

Whether you are refurbishing your existing home, building your dream house, or just looking for ways to reduce your fuel bills, propane provides great value. Propane is super efficient, and heats quickly and consistently. You’ll see nearly immediate savings when you convert from an old, gas-guzzling oil heating system to a high-efficiency propane furnace or boiler. You’ll save on repairs, too, since propane-fueled equipment is lower maintenance.

Propane is also a smart and energy-efficient fuel for heating water and operating many appliances—including washers, dryers, kitchen ranges and more, to help you lower your utility costs. Albemarle has a great selection of appliances to help you get the most from propane and add value to your home, including:

Propane is kind to the environment, as well. This clean-burning, domestically sourced fuel produces almost 70% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than oil.

Albemarle offers great pricing and reasonable delivery fees. We’ll never hit you with hidden charges and exorbitant delivery fees and tank rental charges. When you heat your home with Albemarle, your tank rental is on us. And our convenient Autodelivery plan means you’ll avoid the expense and hassle of running out of gas.

To learn more about the benefits of propane and the many ways to use it in your home, contact Albemarle  or call us today at 252-338-1900.



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