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Albemarle Commercial Propane

Let Albemarle be your partner for all your commercial and industrial propane needs. With access to a network spanning North Carolina, we have the capacity to meet any demand, backed up by an experienced and highly trained team and 24/7 customer service. And as a local company, we come with local knowledge and familiarity with area regulations, permitting and more.

In addition to lowered fuel costs, propane offers multiple benefits for commercial needs:

  • heating
  • cooking
  • fleet fueling
  • automatic delivery

In addition to propane delivery, Albemarle offers a full complement of services to keep your business running smoothly:

  • full-service cylinder exchange
  • LPG vaporizers and air-mixing systems
  • storage tanks (above ground and underground)

If you are a builder or developer, you know that homebuyers recognize the value and benefit of propane as a reliable efficient energy source for heating, cooking and more. Albemarle has the experience to handle any project, from single-family homes to 100-unit developments—or larger.

We also offer clean LP autogas and propane motor fuels for your commercial fleet, from cars, taxis and light trucks to school buses, as well as lawn and farm equipment and mowing fleets.

Albemarle is set up to provide you with the best prices backed up by superior service and customer support. For more information on how to make propane a part of your business, contact Albemarle Commecial or call us today at 252-338-1900.



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