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Get peace of mind with a propane generator

Count on a generator when electric goes out

Unpredictable weather, a wicked thunderstorm or sudden snow or ice can take down the power lines—maybe for several days. Be prepared: A backup propane gas generator will turn on automatically, to keep your lights on, your appliances running until the utility trucks can make repairs.

Even if you heat your home with propane or oil, your thermostat needs electricity to operate and call for heat. A propane generator will keep it running. It will keep security systems on as well—giving you peace of mind, especially if the power fails while you are away.

Generac Guardian propane generator

Albemarle offers the full range of Generac generators, offering best-in-class reliability and power designed to protect your electrical equipment. Our team of experienced technicians can assess your needs and help you choose the best backup power system for your home.

Visit our showroom, or contact us for more information. 252-338-1900.

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